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Modern Day Living With Contemporary Furniture; Things You Should Know

Nowadays, contemporary furniture is taking over, it has the epitome of modern day living. Today, you’ll get a diverse range of bedroom, dining room and living room furniture, all designed in a stylish contemporary design. The good thing about contemporary furniture is that it can be customized according to your personal taste and preferences. However, there are some basic tips that you must always adhere to, if you wish to get the best contemporary furniture for your modern day living. These include;

  • Contemporary furniture nowadays comes in various designs, styles, and modifications, all tailored to blend comfort, convenience, and style. Therefore, be bold; don’t shy away from going for what pleases you, even if it has a traditional touch in it.
  • Always ensure that you survey and get accurate measurements of your room, before bringing in the contemporary pieces. Nothing is as frustrating as bringing your modern wardrobe home, only to realize that the bedroom is too small for it.
  • Get a furniture dealer who has various contemporary tv units pieces all under one roof; from sofas, to recliners, tables, wardrobes etc. This way, you are likely to get all pieces from the same designer, which makes your house look uniform. Besides, you’ll get a handsome discount buying all from the same dealer.
  • When choosing your contemporary furniture, be very keen on the fabric used as the outer cover. Although many people tend to rush for leather, it makes sense to pause for a minute, and think about whether the fabric will be easy to maintain. The fabric’s durability matters; but likewise, take into consideration the maintenance and cleaning of the material used.


Modern day living is incomplete until you have gotten yourself some contemporary furniture pieces such as designer sofas to add that magic look and feel to your home. There are many reputable and genuine dealers where you can get these furniture pieces from; just try and adhere to the above tips.


Best E-Commerce Platforms


ecommerce-chartWhen looking for the right platform for your ecommerce business, it makes much sense to ensure that you pick the right software for your shopping cart. There are various platforms available, and each has its own pros and cons. The most common include;

  • Shopify
  • Volution
  • Bigcartel
  • 3dcart
  • Big commerce

These are just some of the top contenders in the list of the most popular platforms for ecommerce. Shopify is at the top of the most popular platforms; it has a good interface and set up, and shoppers always find it very convenient to navigate through. One can easily and quickly add goods and products on their shopping cart. Besides, it enables you to move and transfer goods from previous stores that you shopped from.

Basically when looking for the best platform for the e commerce business, always read reviews and see the customer’s experience when using them. The trick is to always go for something with an easy to navigate layout, so that shoppers can spend the least time possible adding their products. Also, the online payment options must be safe and secure, so that shoppers will feel safe giving out their credit card details.

Web Design Strategies That Are Crucial For 2016

Since the internet was discovered some few decades ago, the strategies and tips being used in designing websites have been changing. Web designers continue to come up with new innovations in order to ensure that sites are ranked top of the search engines. In 2016, the battle for excellence is expected to be intense, and below are some of the strategies you can expect most designers to employ;

  • Slideshows No Longer So Fashionable; some years back, web designers came up with the concept of slideshows, where a visitor would be instantly bombarded with dozens of images and texts sliding smoothly across the screen. However, this trend is becoming less popular in 2016; research has shown that on average, a visitor has only 5 seconds within which he or she decides whether the website is worth their time.
  • Mobile friendly sites; a big percentage of the global population access the internet using their mobile phones and other hand held devises. Thus web designers in sri lanka 2016 are expected to create sites that are very palatable with these mobile devices.
  • Ease of navigation, less pop ads; web designers have also learned, albeit painfully, that much as a site should have backlinks, a social media presence, or even sharing of URL from other sites, consumers don’t like the annoying pop ads or sites that aren’t easily navigable. Thus in 2016 we are hoping to see sites that are very easy to navigate, and have less or no ads popping up at all.
  • Keep it Fresh; you won’t expect your site to elicit more clicks if the same content you posted on your home page in 2014 is still what’s at the top. Injection of fresh content constantly is a strategy that bears fruits, and is expected to dominate in 2016.


When looking for the right web design portfolio in 2016, be sure to ensure that they have the latest strategies on their finger tips.

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Why You Should Consider Getting SeekaHost For All Your Web Hosting Needs; Quick Guide

SeekaHostAre you looking to get a reputable web hosting company to enhance the online presence of your business? Or are you looking to change from your current host to a new, better one? Then you’ve come to the right place, SeekaHost is your reliable and effective web hosting services provider. We pride ourselves in delivering on our client’s needs, and the list keeps growing. There are several benefits you’ll get when you purchase one of our web hosting packages;

  • Flexible; our web hosting plans are flexible and can suit all individuals. From that University student locked in his room, working on a tight budget to have his or her blog hosted, to that medium business starting to find its way on the online community, or even a large organization that wants to establish a robust online presence, we are equal to the task.
  • Pricing; our flexibility and pricing go hand in hand. We have priced our various packages in that a way that even those working on a tight budget will still afford our services. We have options to pay monthly, or pay an annual fee once and for all.
  • Customer support; at SeekaHost, we clearly understand that purchasing our web hosting packages is just the first step; plenty of technical support is needed afterwards. This is why we have put in place a reliable customer support team that is always on standby in case your site has issues that need help. You can chat with our technical time using live chats, instant messaging, or even by calling our hotline. And the good thing is that this technical support is offered absolutely free, as long as we are hosting your site, we’ll always be there for you.
  • Hosting; we also pride ourselves in offering all types of hosting, from dedicated to VPS, sharing, and even fully managed hosting. Besides, our hosting is such that when you need to upgrade or expand in future, you won’t have to start afresh all over again; we’ll just upgrade your already existing site.
  • Easy Payment; once you’ve decided to purchase any of our packages, we make things easier by enabling you to pay online from the comfort of your home. In other words, you don’t have to come to us physically, regardless of where you are located; you can get our services by the click of a mouse. You can pay for SEEKAHOST web hosting services via Master Card, Visa Card, and basically using most of the recognized international credit cards. In some cases, clients can also pay using PayPal. This flexibility in payment options ensures that we do not lock out any client who may be interested in our services.

In a nutshell, web hosting has come to revolutionalize the web hosting industry. Things have been greatly made easier, more affordable, and you can now reach more clients online if you are a business owner. Try us today, and see why we are a step ahead.

Music software used by top producers

Music production has been evolving as technology increasingly gives music producers more tools and abilities to produce better music. From the days when music had to be recorded literally by playing guitars and other instruments in the studio, to today when all beats can be created from the comfort of your computer keyboard, things have indeed evolved. Today, a music producer has a wide array of music software to choose from, each offering a unique feature.

Check below some of the top music production software for any aspiring producer

  • Fruity loops; this is one of the oldest, most popular music production software. It is ideal for both beginner producers, as well as veterans. It has nice features that include pitch shifting, time stretch features, one can and paste audio files, and so on so forth.
  • Ardour; this software has been hailed as one of the best software for producers using Linux. The latest version of Ardour is Version 4, and it boasts of more technical improvements. One needs to subscribe to get this software, from costs as little as $1 each month.
  • Sony creative software acid; this is one of the pioneer digital music production software, having been launched in 1998. This software continues to remain among the best, thanks to its ability to time stretch the audio being played, and it can as well modify and shift the pitch.
  • Apple Garage Band; Apple garage band is very recommendable for beginner music producers; it can be downloaded for free online. It boasts of a more advanced choice of virtual guitars, as well as the ability to record multiple tracks. The sound quality and smart controls are very advanced, giving it a great sound to create new tracks.

Best music production software for beginners:


The above are just some of the top music production software, there are many more out there. The trick lies in keeping yourself informed, acquainted, on any new software being introduced to the market.

Music software

Who does not enjoy complimentary software application? Still, you may be not aware that “totally free” doesn’t consistently imply totally free in the feeling you may expect.

There are important distinctions in between just what we call “free software” as well as exactly what is called “cost-free software program”, “complimentary and also open source software program” or “complimentary, libre as well as open resource software”.

The primary distinction remains in the interpretation of the word “free”, which has multiple meanings. Freeware is offered at no cost – so it is free because feeling– but are you free to do anything you like with it? Can you re-distribute it without the programmer’s permission? The solution is typically no.

Nonetheless, this isn’t really always the situation. Some totally free software application is free as in “freedom”, meaning not only that it (most likely) costs nothing however, a lot more crucially, that you’re totally free to do whatever you like with it. You could re-distribute it nevertheless you like, and even tap into the code and also transform it to suit your requirements. Yes, designers of such software application make the resource code openly offered to any sort of and all to do with as they such as. This is just what the term “open resource” is all about.

A lot more importantly, some cost-free software application does not entail limiting end user permit contracts. As free software supporters want to point out, we’re speaking about cost-free as in “free speech” not simply complimentary as in “cost-free draft beer”.

In the gallery ahead of you we’ve rounded up 20 superb free and open source applications worth investigating and also experimenting with in 2015.